A Masterpiece Revealed!

Self confessed ‘old goat with no creative flair’ Steve Gull was creating a masterpiece – he just couldn’t show anyone!

Steve's finished product.

Steve discovered custom portraits by numbers in the nick of time and the results of his initial portrait have him already planning another!

Steve’s wife had a birthday coming up; and being a keen craftsperson herself, she’d requested handmade gifts.

While ideas flew around their secret Facebook group – cross stitch, pottery, wooden furniture; Steve was stressing about creating something she’d love.

With anxiety levels rapidly building, in the end all it took was an idea from his mum (hooray mums!) and a quick Google.

Steve found PortraitsByNumbers.co.uk and made contact with Ben.

Using a photo Steve had from a family trip to Plymouth, Ben created an easy to follow portrait by numbers canvas so Steve could create his gift.

With Liz’s birthday in sight and everything he needed to hand, Steve began. He spent extra time at the office; perfecting his brushstrokes and creating Liz’s surprise.  As Liz’s birthday drew nearer,  he flexed his artistic muscles and slowly but surely  he “started seeing the picture coming alive”.

Numbers and lines became people before Steve's eyes.

Steve couldn’t stress enough how enjoyable he found the painting process.  His confidence grew and he found that he could interpret the picture himself adding texture to the hair using lighter and darker shades.

Come April 21st the masterpiece was revealed! The truth could finally be shared. He hadn’t been organising his coin collection or practising yoga; he’d been lovingly creating a personal and remarkably unique gift for his wife. And she loved it!  Steve revealed he’d been hoping for tears (the good kind) and he got them!

Liz truly appreciated all the hand crafted gifts she’d received and Steve was delighted that, with help from a custom paint by numbers kit and a bit of patience, he was able to  give her something to treasure.

Fantastic work Steve, your hard work and secret agenda paid off!

And thanks for sharing your story with us at @portraitsbynumbers.

If you’d like to stretch your artistic side, or you know someone who might, why not get in touch.

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