Portraits and Custom Painting By Numbers Kits

Contact Me: 0845 519 6439

I produce Custom Painting By Numbers Kits based on your uploaded photographs. Hand-painted, personal artwork, is something that anyone can create with the right head-start, and that’s what I provide.

If you have been lucky enough to receive a Gold Gift Voucher you can redeem it here.

In the video to the left you can see the steps I go through when I’m creating a painting for you. If you order a painting by numbers kit from me you will receive the prepared canvas, paints and brushes – all you have to do is get painting! By using photographs and custom image processing techniques I am confident that your finished painting will be an accurate, but stylised, image inspired by your photograph like the examples on my gallery page.

Paintings based on your images make wonderful, enduring gifts or home decorations. In the past recognisable hand painted portraits were expensive and time consuming to produce. With modern technology, I produce affordable portrait paintings (from £95) and painting by numbers kits (from £40) from your uploaded photographs.

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