Redeem Your Gold Voucher

Congratulations! Somebody you know has given you a voucher for me to produce (for you) a Portrait Painting or a Painting By Numbers Kit and you are in the right place to redeem it!

I produce stylised artwork from your photographs, there are lots of examples in my gallery. My aim is to work to your specifications to produce work for you, or to help you produce a painting for yourself.

Normally it will take 3-5 days for your kit or painting to reach you once you have completed the information on this page, but I will contact you soon after I receive your information and will be more precise about when it may be delivered.

1. Choose your colour scheme:

Simply select the colours for the foreground and background of your finished painting below. For the background you can choose between Light, Bright and Dark colours.

Background Palette:

Background Colour:

2. Upload Your Photo(s):

I am more than happy to make edits to your photos, or combine more than one into your final painting (please take a look at my gallery for examples). I have provided an area below for you to describe any changes that you might like me to make.

Upload at least one image file for your painting (required)

Describe any edits you would like made to your image, or if you have selected more than one, describe how you would like them to be combined.

3. Enter Your Gold Voucher Code

Your Gold Voucher Code (required)

4. Fill out your details:

I will only use your contact details to let you know when your kit or painting will be ready and to then ship your product to you.

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